Technical Details

recommended minimum size of cultivation area:

  TopSpin L:  1m × 1m or larger

  TopSpin XL:  1.2m × 1.2m or larger

product dimensions: cca  10×42×80 cm

product weight::  cca 3,4 kg

The recommended rotation speed of the TopSpin reflector is 10 to 40 rev. / min. To ensure this optimal rotation speed a 15-20W. fan is needed which you can get in any growshop.

socket: E40

Manual: (read) (print)

Illuminated area size for rotating TopSpin:


optimal distance bulb – plant tops *

adequately illuminated area: growth phase (MH – lamp)

adequately illuminated area: flowering (HPS lamp)


25 cm

+/- (1,2 x 1,2) m2



30 cm

+/- (1,4 x 1,4) m2

+/-(1,2 x 1,2) m2


40 cm

+/- (1,6 x 1,6) m2

+/-(1,4 x 1,4) m2


50 cm

+/- (2,0 x 2,0) m2

+/-(1,8 x 1,8) m2

* distance is given relative to the center of bulb burner

Model of illumination of cultivated area for static TopSpin: *

For more details see the test in the Legalizace magazine (Links tab)

* Source: Legalization Magazine

dynamic light scattering
The revolutionary technology of rotating reflector sheets allows you to illuminate larger areas better and in more depth. Get the most out of your bulb!

uniform illumination
The shape of the reflector enables uniform illumination of a large cultivated area which is beneficial for the plants. With TopSpin you will avoid burning the middle and a lack of light at the edges.

heat outlet
TopSpin maintains favorable temperature below the bulb thanks to the location of vent holes just above the bulb and the misalignment of the reflector sheets.

TopSpin Miro9   
-sheet Miro9 with 97% reflectivity
-efficient lighting of up to 2 sq meters with a 600W bulb
-socket E40


TopSpin XL ....115 €
TopSpin L ......105 €          WE SHIP WORLDWIDE!