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“The reflector arrived yesterday, I will install it later today and I will post my feedback tonight . Anyway, so far very impressed with the workmanship.

Right, first impressions of the functioning: the reflector distributes light significantly better, the vertical positioning of the bulb seems to be more efficient than the standard horizontal. Although some light escapes into the part above the reflector through the sidewall of the box and a tiny bit through the vent holes, the intensity of the light below it is still very effective, and I dare say that at least the same as with A-Wing. The heat outlet is very good, imho the bulb can be as low as with Wing, although plants could be over-illuminated. Even when the reflector is low and the bulb close to plants tops, light scattering is more effective – more uniform- than with a-wing.

This reflector is a really interesting alternative, even when not rotating, the light scattering in a 120×120 box is pleasantly surprising, I may not even clip it, I’m happy with the reflector even without rotation .”

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“The Topspin arrived yesterday … I spun it right away … absolute satisfaction. Superb price, high quality and functional.
Easily  …
Unbeatable … “

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right I also have one at home and I’m really happy straightaway after first switching it on I saw a noticeable difference in the illumination of the cultivation area I noticed immediately that the light was much better spread into all corners which was a problem with conventional reflectors where the bulb is at the “end” . . just great, and I recommend it to every one. having bought so many of the overpriced gadgets before, I think this one is absolutely worth the money. I remember paying 3000 for my powerplant (slightly upgraded awing) LOL LOL. . .
honestly, I highly recommend it. . . “

dynamic light scattering
The revolutionary technology of rotating reflector sheets allows you to illuminate larger areas better and in more depth. Get the most out of your bulb!

uniform illumination
The shape of the reflector enables uniform illumination of a large cultivated area which is beneficial for the plants. With TopSpin you will avoid burning the middle and a lack of light at the edges.

heat outlet
TopSpin maintains favorable temperature below the bulb thanks to the location of vent holes just above the bulb and the misalignment of the reflector sheets.

TopSpin Miro9   
-sheet Miro9 with 97% reflectivity
-efficient lighting of up to 2 sq meters with a 600W bulb
-socket E40


TopSpin XL ....115 €
TopSpin L ......105 €          WE SHIP WORLDWIDE!