Dynamic light scattering:

Advantages of dynamic lighting are as follows:

1/ illumination of larger areas
2/ elimination of light hotspots and heat stress
3/ illumination of the plant in more depth

The unique design of the Topspin reflector allows rotational movement around the axis of the static bulb. The rotating reflector ensures dynamic lighting of the area underneath, which is beneficial to the plants. In short: the rotating sheets send glints towards the plants.

TopSpin’s method of light scattering and dynamic lighting for plants is quite revolutionary and claims a patent with a priority date of June 14, 2011. As far as we know, this principle has not yet been put to use by anyone else.

On the other hand, the advantages of dynamic lighting as such have been known in plant cultivation for a long time. For example the so-called “light-spinners” or “light movers” move the source of illumination on a rail from one side to the other and back. This creates dynamic lighting that has similar benefits.

Because “light movers” move the light source (rather than the reflected light) they are somewhat cumbersome, and slower compared with TopSpin.

The most effective solution for growers is placing the Topspin on a light mover.

Uniform illumination:

The shape of the reflector together with the placement and orientation of the bulb facilitate an almost uniform illumination of a large area, which is very desirable in a growing box. When designing the shape of the reflector emphasis was placed on the spatial light energy emitted by the bulb.

The final shape was designed based on the conclusions of the study “Exploring Reflection: Designing Light Reflectors for Uniform Illumination” © 2000 Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics”.

The final reflector shape and its scattering properties have been empirically validated through testing using light meter.

Heat outlet :

The orientation of the bulb allows the placement of ventilation holes right above it and the misalignment of the reflector sheets encourages better air flow. TopSpin works on the principle of a vector vane. In comparison to standard reflectors, it is ahead of the game. In the vast majority of cases, standard reflectors cover the bulb as a lid and the residual heat from the bulb stays under the reflector, which is not desirable.

dynamic light scattering
The revolutionary technology of rotating reflector sheets allows you to illuminate larger areas better and in more depth. Get the most out of your bulb!

uniform illumination
The shape of the reflector enables uniform illumination of a large cultivated area which is beneficial for the plants. With TopSpin you will avoid burning the middle and a lack of light at the edges.

heat outlet
TopSpin maintains favorable temperature below the bulb thanks to the location of vent holes just above the bulb and the misalignment of the reflector sheets.

TopSpin Miro9   
-sheet Miro9 with 97% reflectivity
-efficient lighting of up to 2 sq meters with a 600W bulb
-socket E40


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